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Bystrá Valley - Tále

Bystra valley is a significant valley in the Low Tatras mountains with the river Bystrianka. The very first reference to this valley is from 1563. In 18th and 19th century iron works had been situated here for iron mined in Hronec, Tisovec and Pohorska Polhora village. It is a native town of Frantisek Svantera- a famous slovak writer born in 1912. The valley is surrounded by magnificent peaks Palenica (1653m), Dumbier (2043m), Derese (2003m), Chopok (2023m). Four kilometres before a mountain village Bystra the Bystra valley wides to a large zone of meadows called „Tale“. The word „Tale“ comes from a local name of meadow and today´s Tale is one of the most frequented turist center in the Low Tatras mountains.